Carpet Durability

Three Important Factors Affecting Carpet Durability

  1. The type of fiber used. Nylon, Olefin, polyester, Wool
  2. The amount of "twist" the fiber has. How tighly twisted the fiber is.
  3. The density of the pile. How many fibers per sq. inch.

When it comes to Fiber choice, Nylon will be your best bet. There is no substitute for a quality, "branded" name nylon fiber. Nylon’s excellent resiliency characteristics along with its superior stain resists, makes it the fiber of choice for the long term. There is nothing wrong with the other fibers. Each serve a particular purpose and when it comes to choice all things must be considered, meaning Are you planning on keeping the house for a long time? Are you just looking for carpet for a rental knowing you will be replacing it in a couple of years. Are you looking for carpet with extreme durability but have a limited budget. These are just a few of the many questions to be consider.

All your good quality nylons are branded by one of the chemical giants.Some of the commonly recognized "branded" fibers are Dupont Certified Stainmaster, Monsanto's Weardated II and Allied's Anso Crush resistor.All these company's incorporate highest quality nylon fiber, the latest flourochemical treatments and anti-stain technology. In addition a technique of heat setting the plys of fiber together helps to lock in the twist and makes the carpet highly resistant to crushing. Each piece of carpet must pass it’s manufactures strict certification tests before the company will put their name on it. That is how they are able to stand behind it with long term warrantys and overe free replacement if it fails. These products have been tested and pass the test of time. You will spend more but you will also know that you are making a solid investment.

Twist, is simply the amount of times the plys of fiber are twisted together. The tighter the twist the more durable the carpet will be. Twist is typically measured by twist per inch. This information is available and sometimes can be found on the sample.

Last but certainly not least is pile density. This factor is perhaps the most important. The shorter and more dense the pile the more durable the carpet will be. If you are looking for carpet for a very active household you will want a good quality nylon with good fiber density. The tighter the fibers the more crush resistant the carpet will be.

With all these things considered it comes down to budget.

The wise choice is get the best quality you can afford. Quality carpeting is an important investment. If you plan on keeping your home for a long time it is well worth spending a few extra dollars today then having to redo the job in 5 years.