Re-Stretching, Maintenance, and Repairs

Carpet Re-stretching, is a normal maintenance procedure that may need to be performed If you are seeing visible wrinkles. It is very important to get this done as soon as you notice it. If the carpet is not Re-Stretched in a timely fashion, excessive looseness combined with foot traffic will start to break down the construction of the carpet, and then you may be looking at full replacement.

When you carpet is first installed, it has just come off an assembly line where it has not been subjected to wear or foot traffic. Typically, when your carpet is installed for the first time, an installer should use a power stretcher, this gives him a mechanical advantage and the ability to “stretch” the carpet to fasten it to the tack strip. There are a few important things to bear in mind here. First, the temperature of the carpet should be the same as the room it is being installed in prior to stretching, second, the use of a power stretcher must be used. Even with these things considered, depending on the type carpet, type of equipment used when cleaning, and traffic patterns, it still may need to be tightened up periodically.

Carpet should be professionally cleaned every 12-18 months to keep your warranty valid. Bear in mind if you do decide to steam clean your carpet, hire a professional. The equipment is powerful enough to extract the same amount of steam/water they use to clean with. It is not recommended to rent a “rinse and ruin” from your local grocery store. That equipment will leave more water in your carpet and break down the Latex adhesive that binds your carpet together causing delamination, that cannot be repaired. We recommend 2 companies in the local area, one is Bolen’s Cleaning and Maintenance 970-726-9357 and Pro Systems 970-887-3704. Both companines use top of the line equipment and have been in the business a long time.

Main reasons for carpet needing re-stretching . Improper padding (too thick of pad).CRI (carpet and rug institute) states, that the maximum thickness for pad is 7/16 of an inch. 1/2 inch padding can be used and works fine in most cases, except under Berber carpet. Berber carpet requires a thinner, more firm padding, to provide the proper stability under foot traffic. If too thick of pad is used, you will have issues down the road with wrinkles etc. Poor quality installation is a common factor. If the Installer did not use a Power Stretcher or the lack of use of good quality installation materials, your money you saved going with (the cheap bid) will be spent a year or two latter by having it Re-Stretched properly.

Repairs: Cuts, Burns, stains, and Bad doggies. Most carpet can be “patched” with acceptable results, considering the damage. The cost for repairs can only be given after we inspect your damage.