Six Main Carpet Types


A dense pile carpet with a tight face. The yarns are very close together and all stand vertically supporting one another. Typically sheared to give a refined, smooth appearance. A very formal looking carpet used is showcase areas of a home. This type of carpet will show vacuum marks and footprints.


This is your standard cut pile carpet the face of the carpet is not as refined as the velvet and lends itself to a more active lifestyle and casual look. This carpet works well in higher traffic areas of the home. Consider this type of carpet in an active household.


The fibers are crimped to create a rougher texture. The fibers will appear curled and therefore lending itself to hiding footprints and traffic wear. A good choice for that casual look and easy to maintain. This is a popular carpet.

Cut Berber

A textured pile like the frieze different colored fiber tuffs giving the carpet a salt and pepper look. This gives the carpet superior dirt hiding capabilities. This carpet is similar in feel and appearance to a Frieze. The difference is that cut Berbers typically have the different colored specs thru out the main color.

Level Loop

Small loops with an even height. This type of carpet is very durable resists wear and crushing. This carpet is typically used in high traffic commercial applications.

Berber Loop

Large loops with distinctive texture. Loop height can be varied to produce a pattern. A variation of this carpet will add cut pile mixed in with the loops giving it a distinctive look. This carpet is another popular choice because it is more durable than a plush. A good quality berber carpet constructed of nylon will wear like iron! The Berber posses a richer look is is easier to clean and vacuum.